This week the students of Grade 10 spent two days at the Gläsernes Labor, located on the Campus Berlin Buch, where all students successfully completed two practical scientific workshops. In one of the workshops, students performed the method of extraction, amplification, and separation of DNA fragments that is widely used for DNA analysis, including in forensics and crime investigations, paternity testing, and identification of victims following major natural disasters.

The second workshop, entitled “Coffein – Wirkstoff oder Droge?” had students performing a variety of extraction and analysis techniques on the caffeine molecule. Here, they compared the caffeine content of different beverages, investigated the physical properties of the isolated molecule, and tested caffeine’s effect on human physiology.

Many thanks to our science teachers, Mrs. Lawrence, Dr. Šamalikova and Dr. Nehnevajova, for organizing this interesting excursion every year.

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