In Secondary our online learning continues to move forward as students and teachers engage in a full schedule of online classes. This includes our usual tutorials and weekly meetings as well as continuing with our mentor programme which provides additional support to students facing academic challenges. 

In addition to helpful feedback, we have received a very positive response from students and parents for our efforts from last week’s online survey. Nevertheless, we continue to make adjustments to our practice to ensure balance and effectiveness and welcome feedback via email and our questionaires.  

We have now received the news that the IBO exams are cancelled for the grade 12 DP students and so we are offering students the opportunity to take part in BCS replacement exams that will enable students the chance to complete their programme in a sense and provide them additional study practice. In the Abitur, assessments and grading are moving forward, with some adjustments being made to the schedule. As well, we are now making changes to class test formats and schedules in all grades.

Together we are facing the challenges of shifting our learning to an online format and feel grateful for the positive support that students, parents and staff are providing each other during these already very difficult times.

Thank you again to everyone for their immense efforts and appreciated ongoing support!

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