The past weeks have been challenging for all of us. We went through emotional ups and downs and faced a lot of new situations and challenges. But we did it together!

There was so much support and understanding from all sides of our community, that we even grew stronger together while spending weeks in social distance.

We are very proud to be a part of this unbelievable caring, creative and strong community and were thinking about how we can get together and show our close connection while still being separated.

Our music teachers Brodie White and Joey Ryan wrote the wonderful BCS Community Song and are asking all community members to sing along with them! It is our hope that our community song will grow over the next few weeks in the same way that we have been growing together over the past years.

Djuneid Dulloo, the creator of this video, will keep adding your contributions to the BCS singalong and we are very excited to keep sharing this growing project with the community. Let´s see how big our virtual choir can get!

A big Thank You to Brodie White, Joey Ryan and Djuneid Dulloo for this beautiful song and for making this wonderful project possible!

Please click here to watch the song video .

We look forward to receiving your fun and creative replies.

Best regards

Steffi Kahle

Head of Extracurricular Programme

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