Having prepared for the last couple weeks, each social studies class selected two representatives – based on their knowledge of political geography – to compete in the school-wide Geography Bee (grades 6-10). For the main event in the school courtyard, with their classmates cheering and playing along from the audience, students were tested on their knowledge of: 

  • major German cities and federal states 
  • European countries and their capitals 
  • North, Central and South American countries and their capitals.  

Although all twenty of the original contestants deserve congratulations for making it this far, only the final three were able to go home with a geography-themed prize. The winners were: 

1. Sarin

2. Laura

3. Guy

For students who wish to prepare for the 8thannual BCS Geography Bee in 2023, the quiz will include Asian and Oceanian countries and capitals in addition to Germany and Europe. 

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