Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Music Parent Night

All BCS parents are invited to attend Music Parent Night on Tuesday, January 22. The evening begins at 4:30 pm with music class information and activities presented by BCS music teachers. This will be followed by a short teachers concert including private music teachers. Here the programme:

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Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Street Dance Club_Extracurricular_Tanz

BCS students of the Street Dance club participated in the dance competition “Jugend Tanzt” this Saturday and they won in their category and age group! Their dance coach and BCS sports teacher Naira Schwemmler after the competition: “I am mighty proud of them for all of their hard work during club time and rehearsals that even took place during exam time and lunch breaks.“ Congratulations to Daria, Naya, Leonie, Kascha, Helena, Viktoria, Li, Josephine, Adam, Long and Ms Schwemmler!

Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Naturwissenschaften_Science_Gymnasium_Secondary

Starting back into the school year, grade 9 spent three full days deeply contemplating the inner workings of eggs. Under the guidance of Ms Lawrence (Biology), Dr Samalikova (Chemistry) and Dr Oates (Physics), the annual Science Days give the 9th grade students a chance to perform science experiments without the time pressures experienced during a regular 90 minute class. Focus is placed on independent research and experimental planning.

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Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Science_Naturwissenschaften_Secondary_Gymnasium

Pictures of the Analogue Photography project – making a pinhole camera and developing the emulsion paper using wet chemical processing. This was a collaborative grade 8 project between Art (Ms Zarins) and Physics. The theme for Art is currently “portraiture” and for Physics it is “optical devices”. The students developed the negative images first and then the positive images were subsequently produced.

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