Group 4 science project 2016 berlin cosmopolitan school

On June 8 and 9, the IB DP students of grade 11 completed their Group 4 science project in collaboration with another IB school at the Leonardo da Vinci Campus (LDVC) in Nauen. The students worked in small research teams, performing a practical investigation in the laboratory on the theme “Increase and Decrease”.

Each group was represented by biology, chemistry, and physics students, who considered interdisciplinary aspects of their practical investigation. The students have analyzed and evaluated obtained data within their groups. At the end of the session they presented their results in the auditorium of LDVC.


Music Workshops for free – this generous offer comes from the “Internationale Stiftung zur Förderung von Kultur und Zivilisation”  (Munich). With it the Berlin Cosmopolitan School has the opportunity to hold three consecutive music workshops introducing a widespread range of classical music and instruments to children.

Yesterday, the first workshop took place. There grade 1 and 4a got the chance to get to know the flute, the guitar as well as the human voice. The theme was “Dances of the World”.

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