Preschool Graduation_Class of 2019_Berlin Cosmopolitan School

On Monday, 8th of July, the 2019 preschool graduating class of children and their teachers were honored at our annual preschool graduation ceremony held at St. Elisabeth-Kirche in Mitte. The entire Kindergarten & Preschool team will miss this phenomenal group of children and would like to wish them well as they venture into primary school.

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BCS Kindergarten & Preschool Erasmus+_Research Announcement_Berlin Cosmopolitan School

Members of the Kindergarten and Preschool Erasmus+ Research Team held a transnational meeting in Madrid, Spain this week as they enter into the final year of their research project with the following EU partners: Pikler Haz of Budapest, Hungary; International Childcare and Education Center of Helsinki, Finland; Universidad Camilo Jose Cella of Madrid, Spain.

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