“Les rebelles de l’école” – 2nd place in Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen

It is the fourth time that BCS participates in the competition and the third time we won a prize: two prizes were for a film and for the first time for a play.
The story should have been presented for our language show planned in April but will hopefully be performed to our BCS community in the near future. Our grade 7 French students wrote it during the first semester. It is about a class of 7th graders who are not satisfied with their report cards for many reasons. So they decide to go to the office of the principal to change their grades. There they realise that one of their friends is actually the daughter of the principal and that she has been hiding who she really was all along. In the end they decide to accept their grades as they don’t define who they are. We hope to perform it live soon!

Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

We are truly impressed by what our students are presenting during their PYP Exhibition. Despite aggravated circumstances, as online teaching, not working personally together, teachers only available by video call for most of the time, our students and teachers amazed us once again by the high standards of their presentations.

As we were not able to invite our parents this year, we are streaming the presentations online for all families to join.

A big thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen. What a great experience for our students.

BCS and Erasmus+ present: Webinar for Early Years Education

This interactive webinar aims to better implement language awareness and cultural identity in an international Kindergarten and Preschool environment.

Geared towards everyone interested, educators and parents alike, please register for particitpation in sending an email to


What amazing staff members we have! This catchy song is sure to be a great way for our everyone, children and adults alike, to remember all safety precautions at all times. We cannot wait to see and hear more of our talented teachers soon.

Our big thank you to B. White and T. Wood for realizing this extraordinary project.