Climate makes School

Climate Neutral School

As a school and a company, we are intensively involved with the topics of environmental and climate protection. In addition to our curricular and extracurricular activities, such as our school forest, our nature-based learning site at Müggelsee or our Cosmo for Future working group, we have also taken the path as a company to reduce and compensate for our CO2 emissions.

We are currently analysing our corporate carbon footprint together with Planetly, a company specialising in CO2 management. We want to gain transparency about our own CO2 emissions, then reduce and, where necessary, compensate for them in order to make a further contribution to climate protection as a climate-neutral company.

On the one hand, we have to collect data on our CO2 emissions and then reduce them. On the other hand, we want to use this project to educate all students about active climate protection and motivate them to participate.

Cosmo for Future: Protecting nature and climate as a school

Our Cosmo for Future working group is taking off for climate protection. “Climate Guardians” have been appointed. These are volunteers from each class who have committed themselves to keeping an eye on energy consumption in the classroom and also accompany instructions on energy saving in each classroom.

Currently, we have three working groups that operate organisationally in the school. For example, there was an exhibition about the CO2 footprint of our pupils, a climate congress of the environmental clubs of international schools and a climate protection week, which was also attended by guest speakers from the company atmosfair.

Cosmo for Future meets on Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m. in room 302. The group can be reached at the email address: !

Nature Kindergarten Berlin-Mitte: Experiencing urban nature with children

Nature conservation only works if we involve children and young people as early as possible. That is why we, the Berlin Cosmopolitan School, Preschool & Kindergarten, have been committed to regular nature-based education since our foundation in 2003.

Our preschool and kindergarten children regularly go to the adjacent park to gain primary experiences in nature. Especially through regular experiences in nature, children become environmentally aware and live with a conscious eye for nature – in the city and in the countryside.

Nature & Climate