Our Friends’ Associations – making a difference together

The projects, plans and events of the Cosmo community are sustainably supported by two organisations:

‘Friends of Cosmo’ (F.O.C.) brings together the great potential of the network of parents and friends of Cosmopolitan School to help shape life at the school and beyond. A community of different talents, professions and cultures.

What characterises the F.O.C.:
– Creativity and innovation: we harness the creative energy of our members to explore new ways of learning and thinking.
– Expertise: We leverage our professional networks to provide real-world insights, mentorship and opportunities for our students.
– Community engagement: building a supportive community with ideas and projects.

Music Friends of BCS e.V. is particularly committed to supporting the orchestras and musical activities at BCS.
Your contribution is sincerely appreciated and you can contribute in various ways: by donating your personal time, your ideas or simply by financial support. All support is welcome.

‘It is worth participating actively in the Cosmo community.
Our community is characterised by its internationality and the involvement of fascinating personalities. Let’s take the opportunity to get to know each other better and strengthen the future of our Cosmo community together.’
Yvonne Wende