Academic & Social Emotional Support

We support our students’ individual needs and embrace diversity.

We design the support of our students taking into account their individual learning needs. Our goal is to enable our students to develop their full potential and live a successful and happy life in harmony with the earth and the people of all nations.

They are prepared for digital innovations as well as for the current problems arising from climate change. Our teaching is specially designed to meet the individual needs of our students. This means that we support children and young people holistically.

This means…

We see each of our students as unique. This is why our school counselling plays a key role in our daily school life. In addition to our teachers’ pastoral work the school psychologist, SEN-teacher and extracurricular teachers support our students to become confident and independent learners. We recognise and nurture the individual abilities, talents and interests of our students.

We see to our student’s immediate concerns caused by life events or situations and aim to support them in becoming resilient, self-advocating individuals. This includes but is not limited to helping students navigate through a concern or crisis by regularly checking in with them, referrals or consultations with guardians, teachers, other in-school specialists and/or outside therapeutic support.

Through preventive workshops and counselling support for students with specific social or emotional difficulties, we make our school a healthy and balanced learning environment.


Dr. Martina Heinrich
School Psychologist, Career Counselor