Academic & Social Emotional Support

We support our students’ individual needs and embrace diversity.

Learning and social-emotional needs are closely interwoven. We aim to create a healthy and safe learning environment for all our students by addressing their learning and social-emotional needs in order to empower them to be passionate, resilient and independent learners. 

Our Child Support Team collaborates closely with the curricular and extra-curricular teachers with the aim to encourage our students to develop their potentials, while acknowledging and addressing their learning differences and social-emotional needs. 

Support and collaborate in the classroom

We have monthly grade level meetings that all respective teachers attend to. These meetings give teachers a platform to voice any concerns (academic or social-emotional) to the Child Support Team about a student of that respective class. It serves as a tier one concern level. 

For  more specific concerns (academic or social-emotional), we employ a referral process. The concern is discussed with the Child Support Team, class teacher and the school principal. Parents are supported in the process of possible assessment for learning differences and/or social-emotional needs. 

In collaborating with subject teachers, we jointly identify students’ learning skills and difficulties. Through the application of individualised support plans and SEN-support, we recognise and nurture students’ individual abilities, talents and interests. Through ongoing collaboration between the teachers, Child Support Team and parents the support plans get adjusted according to  the students developments and needs. 

Support and collaboration beyond the classroom

We address immediate needs and respond to direct and day-to-day events. The follow-up of these events can include a consultation/collaboration with a parents, student’s mentor, teacher, school principal and/or outside specialist. We support students and families in connecting with the necessary support services that helps students to develop their academic and social-emotional potentials further. Short- and longterm collaborations with outside services are provided for.

The Child Support Team’s collaboration with the extra-curricular teachers serves to support our students’ social-emotional development to strengthen their wellbeing and academic readiness. The extra-curricular teachers offer workshops to develop life skills such as stress management, conflict resolution, self-acceptance and resilience. 

In addition to the pastoral care that is provided by teachers, students can also be assigned a teacher that functions as mentor. In regularly scheduled meetings they will work on practical skills that can improve their learning, such as time management, organisational skills, improving classroom behaviors, conflict resolution, responsible decision making, healthy habits and peer relationships.

We continously work on improving our support services in order to further nurture our students academic and socio-emotional development. 

The Child Support Team

Dr. Martina Heinrich
School Psychologist, Career Counselor