Individual extracurricular support

As an all-day school, we offer our primary and secondary school students a variety of afternoon activities between 3 pm and 6 pm. With the help of our international team of teachers, educators and specialists, the children and young people have the opportunity to develop their own individual interests and talents.

Students can choose from the following clubs:

Music Clubs


The A Cappella Choir is dedicated to the study and performance of a cappella pieces. Through vocal instruction and choreography, singers develop greater musicality, proper use of breathing, interpretation, posture, stage presence and more. Contemporary pieces are presented, with a special focus on music to bring it to a wider audience through shows, vocal performances and at charity performances.


Each band will have live concerts, weekly rehearsals and band photos. In addition, band members will get the opportunity to write and record their own songs!


In the choir for beginners, students learn songs from all over the world – through methods that are fun but also very effective. Equal harmony, harmony and canon singing are on the programme.

Cosmic Creator Studio

The students receive a basic knowledge of sound engineering in our in-house Cosmic Sound Studio!

This is a music writing and recording club! It takes place in our very own Cosmic Sound Studio. From the basics of songwriting and composing to the final mix of your song – we cover it all! If you can play an instrument and want to create and record your own music, then the club is for you. Our current playlist.

Instrument Practice Session

Do you need extra help with your instrument? Need a place to play your piece before the concert? Instrument Practice Sessions are for anyone taking private music lessons or in the BCS music programme. Students:can practice independently with additional support from the teacher. The opportunity to participate in a practice buddy programme between older and younger students is also provided.

Instrument Studio Session

Instrument Studio Sessions were created to further strengthen and refine techniques and instrumental and performance skills in the same instrument group.
The piano teachers work closely with the ensemble teachers. In this way, the learning topics that are suitable for faster development, better understanding and higher musical performance can be better identified. We also give space to solo repertoire and special music that is not part of the lessons to further reinforce the concepts in a fun way.

Jazz & Improv Ensemble

This ensemble is for young musicians who want to go beyond written music to find their expression. Improvisation is found in jazz, rock, contemporary classical, experimental and many other musical genres. It allows you to express yourself creatively and develop your own musical identity. This workshop will help young musicians find their voices and learn to play intuitively, with or without written music. We will develop different approaches to improvise in a free form as well as in jazz / blues settings, composing, sharing ideas, so that all can develop into more complete musicians, while having fun!

Music without Borders

An integration-through-music initiative and partnership with “MitMachMusik”, an organisation that gives music lessons to refugee children in Berlin. The club offers BCS students the opportunity to work with MitMachMusik students and use music as a tool to develop mutual respect and understanding. Throughout the year, students learn about music from a variety of cultures and participate in rehearsals. At the end of the school year, club members participate in a CD recording project. Students and teachers will work together to record the music learned and performed during the year.


This club is for students who enjoy playing the recorder, are no longer beginners and know how to read music. They will have a lot of fun playing duets, or even in threes, and can also try out alto and tenor recorders.

Sing-along Club

Sing-along clubs are for our younger pupils to have fun singing their favourite songs. Over the year they will learn to practise and present many songs, some dances and learn some music theory. Sing softly, sing loudly, sing high, sing low!

Soul Sessions

In this club, the students work on shaping and strengthening their singing voices (voice training). Always with the common goal in mind, the students decide who they want to work with for the project. This club is for all young open singers who want to think and be creative in a new way – and to sing great new songs in the process!

Young Producers

Making music is my passion! And if you feel the same way, then the club could be something for you. “Young Producers” is a club to create music. Mainly with a computer. Making music digitally is its own thing. And that’s what we’re going to deal with. Melodies in your head become lyrics on paper or brass sections combined with 808 drum loops. You’ll see. We’ll also work with instruments, but that’s not our main focus. This opportunity to work with instruments is made possible by Brodie White in the Cosmic Creators Studio on Friday afternoons.

Science, Technology
& Academically Inspired Clubs


The Berlin Cosmopolitan School Library has a growing collection of English and German books in all genres, from picture books to graphic novels to fiction for teenagers. We have a growing reference section as well as laptops for students to use for research and school work. Students can always drop in before and after school. Here they will find a quiet and comfortable place to read. For our international picture book section, we are constantly looking for new picture books in other languages. If you would like to donate a book, please contact the librarian. Thank you very much!

Cosmopolitan Events Company

This is the first BCS student-run company that specialises in organising and running school-wide events. Students plan and host their own parties and celebrations including (but not limited to) Halloween and Christmas parties, school birthday events, winter / summer balls, graduation parties, school disco, etc. Students learn about the complexities of planning and running such events. They also learn about running a small business, including marketing, finance, management and more.

Debate/Model UN

This club is for those students who like to argue and discuss every point endlessly! They take part in debating competitions in German and English and hopefully also in the Model UN competition in or around Berlin.

Creative Writing

With the help of playful methods, the pupils learn to write poems, short stories and theatre and film scripts. They discover writing by drawing on elements from their immediate environment. The finished works are shared with all other club members and presented at school festivities. The best stories and poems are published in a book at the end of the school year.


These clubs are fun and competitive activities that any student can participate in. It is a great way for students to develop their intuitive thinking skills and learn new variations of mathematics. They not only learn new material, but also apply their previous school knowledge to interesting and challenging problems. Mathematics is not just rules and guidelines, it is also art! Mathematics is a subject full of creativity and possibilities that many students enjoy. In addition to the academic benefits, Maths Club also serves as a place to meet new people and work on teamwork skills.

Natural Sciences

This club is for the students who would like to know more about the different branches of science. They will conduct many different experiments in physics, chemistry, biology and other sciences to develop a basic understanding of scientific methods and experimental design. Through activities, students gain hands-on experience and they begin to develop an understanding that prepares them for science in high school.


Reporters, photographers, creative writers and artists are wanted for this club! Teachers will give participants the opportunity to develop their speaking, listening and writing skills in a simulated newsroom. Students are assigned to interview teachers and school staff about the school and classroom activities. The reporters eagerly take notes and then use them to develop headlines and articles, which they develop into a newsletter on the computer.


Do you like computers and technology? Or do you want to become a famous
a famous computer programmer? In this club you can learn how computers work and how they are programmed!

Interested in Python or JavaScript programming? Do you want to pursue a career in computer science or mathematics? This club gives you an introduction to these fields. You can explore all kinds of computer programs that interest you.

Robotic/ Lego Mindstorms

This club combines the fun of building with LEGO and programming. You’ll learn how to program with Mindstorms and create from instructions or even invent your own robot!

Technology Maker

Think it would be cool to build a robot or a computer? Then join this club and learn all about making your own robot or computer!

Would you like to build a drone or maybe a robot? Maybe your own gaming computer? In this club we will be looking at creating a variety of technology related items!

Sports and Dance Clubs

Aktiver Tanz (für Jungen)

This dance club is especially for boys! Dance experience is not necessary, any boy can join. The dance teacher comes from the “D! S Dance School” to teach our students some active dance styles like street dance, break dance and hip hop.

Wake up! Stretch & Flexibility

“Stretching and Flexibility” is for all dance students and all those who want to do something good for their body! Regular stretching exercises simplify the work in the dance clubs and arm the body for anything. The exercises are held according to a curriculum of the teacher.


The introductory course of the Ballet Club series focuses on coordination, rhythm, creative movement and “pre-ballet” with exercises that prepare the child for ballet movements. Ballet III focuses on introductions to ballet terminology, while reinforcing basic movement building blocks and a love for dance. Ballet IV & Contemporary Dance mixes different dance styles such as limón, flying low and even ballet. Students learn the basics of floor work, using the earth’s gravitational pull in their favour and transforming emotions into movement. Ballet V is a club where you can learn the advanced ballet techniques according to A. J. Waganowa.


Depending on their abilities, the students receive an introduction to the skills and strategies of the game. They will be divided into teams to compete on an intramural basis. They will also compete in the ALBA primary school league.

In addition, our (former Bundesliga) coach Sven Wehrmeyer, in cooperation with ALBA Berlin, offers extra team training for our U14 team (born 2003-2006), which will participate regularly (almost every weekend from September to April) in the Berliner Basketball Verband e. V. league. Boys and girls are welcome to get that “extra kick”.


Are you motivated and do you have school team spirit? Do you already dance a little and like to perform? Then the cheerleading squad is for you! Learn chants, cheer dance routines and more.

Basketball Individual Training

This special training includes individual tactics and special drills (technique, footwork, throwing, passing, dribbling) and one-to-one skills (defence and attack).

Flag Football

Learn to play flag football in no time! This popular sport requires little equipment and can be played anywhere. It is the perfect sport for players of all ages and abilities.


Football is fun and interactive. Pupils learn a range of skills and tactics as they play, which they can apply to any football opportunity.

Girls Football

The girls are introduced to the sport of football in a playful way. They learn the basic techniques: passing, shooting and stopping, combined with small games. Football is the number one sport for girls in Germany. Join in!


The students will learn the basic skills of gymnastics. They will improve their flexibility and strength and learn and experience other skills! Healthy gymnastics activities include running, jumping, climbing and drumming as well as developing strong bones, cardiovascular health and physical fitness.

International Dance / Expressive Dance

The students embark on a journey around the world. They develop traditional dances that come from all over the world. Learning typical formations, “Spaces paths”, “Frames and Footsteps” are the characteristic of this club. The learned knowledge is presented in a choreography and at the end of the second semester there is a performance assessment.

Jazz Dance & Show Dance

Jazz dance has elements of modern dance, classical dance and African dance. The play of dynamics, isolation movements of the whole body and rhythmic work characterise the lessons. Jazz dance developed continuously and is now divided into the dance categories of lyrical dance, Latin dance, modern jazz dance, street dance and hip hop. In this club the basics are trained to a final choreography. The teacher works according to a curriculum and a performance assessment takes place at the end of the second semester.

Junior Performance Class

This club is a preparation for IB Dance in the IB Diploma Programme. Students will be introduced to different styles of dance such as classical, jazz, contemporary/modern. Students will learn a range of prepared choreography and original pieces. In addition, the participants support the IB Dance students’ examination work: They learn their choreographies, are filmed and the recordings are submitted for examination.


Judo is known for spectacular throws, but also involves a fair amount of wrestling. There is a built-in etiquette with the need to respect each other, good manners and behave well. The intention is not to hurt each other but to execute throws with speed and technique. Judo helps to learn self-discipline, self-confidence, concentration and physical coordination and flexibility.


Let’s have lots of fun and stay fit! Each session starts with a warm-up and then walking along different trails, exploring the city centre including the parks near the school. Join the club and keep fit along the way as we have fun and explore the city.

Muscle Training

The students get to know different age-appropriate types of training, including dumbbell and flexibility training. The aim of the training is to strengthen the core muscles (back and abdomen) through simple repetitive exercises for the purpose of healthy posture and to prevent back problems later on.


Parkour is a movement-based practice. It aims to strengthen people physically and mentally so that they develop into balanced and grounded individuals. Through Parkour, students learn to use their own possibilities and resources creatively and to think and act in a solution-oriented way. Mr. Zecchini introduces them gently, safely and playfully to the different areas of Parkour. Important areas of work are: Creativity, self-efficacy, social skills, motor skills and coordination. In practice, the students will learn to overcome obstacles in a targeted way and thus become more physically and mentally resilient and stronger in everyday life.

Performance Class

This dance class is for students who want to practice dance outside of school hours. The focus is on the choreography and not the training. The students dance ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz and show dance.

Ruffle & Romp

The club teachers give the pupils the opportunity to move and play through a wide range of athletic exercises and activities. The focus is on developing sportsmanship (getting along and being fair to each other), safe play and movement (falling without hurting yourself or others), improving coordination and of course, playing and having fun!

Salsa Groove

We will dance, groove and grow together. You will learn the basic steps and turns of Salsa. We will combine the different elements into small choreographies and you will dance alone, with a partner and in a group. Let’s come together through dance. Let’s dance Salsa and groove!


The students learn to address and resolve conflicts without violence and to protect and defend themselves and others in dangerous situations. The club teacher is a professional martial artist and trainer. He teaches a mixture of judo, karate and Russian hand-to-hand combat. The students will use the skills they have learned in role-plays and thus acquire a sense of security.


The skate club is back! We will be able to further develop our skateboarding skills and try out some of Berlin’s amazing skateparks! In the winter we will ride around the cafeteria and create our own skateboards, ramps and jumps.

Tap dance

Tap dance is a show dance with words! Every part of the dancing feet has something to say. The students not only move their feet, they also move their body and soul. The students will perform with drums and great music.

Street Dance

Besides the fact that you can learn cool moves, the course also serves to get to know the basic techniques of street dance. At the end of the school year, the students will present what they have learned to the BCS community.


In the circus club, the pupils learn different circus arts such as juggling, acrobatics and diabolo in a playful way. They learn to walk on their hands, stand on top of each other and play lots of games.

Tatami Football

This club is for children who prefer a different kind of football. The pupils play barefoot, with a softball and on judo mats. The rules are slightly different from regular football. And it’s about being active and having fun.

***Salsa Groove for parents and staff

We will dance, groove and grow together. You will learn the basic steps and turns of Salsa. We will combine the different elements into small choreographies and you will dance alone, with a partner and in a group. Let’s come together through dance. Let’s dance Salsa and groove!

Foreign Language Clubs


In the beginners’ club, the students learn more about China, the Chinese language and culture. The teacher opens the door to this wonderful country. The goal is for students to reach a basic level of Chinese and the next level (Chinese II and III).


Through games, stories and songs, students develop vocabulary and learn to form long sentences. The club is mainly led in French and includes fun cultural activities such as baking croissants and crêpes and enjoying delicious macaroons.


Students can do leftover homework from German classes, work on their homework and complete other projects. The German clubs are supervised by the German teachers. They support the students in areas where they still have problems in German class or they work on specific German skills. The German teachers and parents can recommend students to participate in the German Club, but even without this recommendation, students are welcome to drop in at any time.


Students will learn about Italian language and culture through activities ranging from indoor and outdoor games, reading children’s books, watching film clips of iconic Italian comedies and preparing typical Italian dishes using recipes.


A child’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s and is still developing as children enter adulthood. During this developmental period, a child can learn a second language 8 times faster than an adult! So it’s easier than you think. Hundreds of words are the same in English and Spanish: animal, hospital, actor, colour and doctor have the same meaning in English and Spanish; they are just pronounced slightly differently. For English-speaking children, no other second language is as easy to learn as Spanish. Learn Spanish, play and have fun with music, stories, pictures, handicrafts and much more.

Arts, Crafts & Media Clubs

3D Print

In this club, students will assemble a Prusa 3D printer from a kit. To participate, students should already have knowledge of how a 3D printer works, especially the Prusa.

Advanced Art Studio

This club is for students who want to develop their own projects during the year outside of art classes. Inspiration, guidance and technical support will be provided. They can work in any medium of their choice: Painting, drawing, photography, video, installation etc. So we like to look at contemporary art and discuss why people make art today and what it means for individuals and society. And we like to enjoy artist talks, film screenings, museum visits and much more.

Cut & Paste (Collages and Self-made Scrapbooks)

A creative club that works with recycled materials and produces homemade zines, collages and scrapbooks. We cut out pictures and text from old newspapers, magazines and books to make our own books and collages. This is a very practical club that also includes drawing and painting. It is therefore recommended for pupils who love these activities and can work independently as well as in groups. Throughout the year, pupils are encouraged to collect various items, articles, memories, photos and other items in scrapbooks – almost like creating personal diaries documenting their precious and memorable school and social times. The children learn more about recycling, have fun and compromise while being creative. They take the initiative, working in groups or individually.

The Outsider Art Club

What is “Outsider Art”? How do you do “Do-IT-Yourself (DIY)”? Is it possible to create great things with little material and talent?! It all starts with a great idea! This club is a creativity lab to explore artistic mediums and make things – with a focus on “DIY” experimentation and alternative self-expression. Students work together and alone on pieces throughout the year as we draw inspiration from the aesthetics and ethos of current and past art movements, arts, music, fashion and films. From Dadaism to Postmodernism and beyond… Students will build their cultural reference points to the history of cities and populations and learn how material can help shape and disrupt an artistic message. This is the club for creative and innovative risktakers who want to recreate the world.

Digital Art

Students will learn about the great variety of digital tools available to them through digital editing software. They are encouraged to explore these creatively and experiment with text, graphics, photos and digital animation to create their own images.

Generative Art

“Generative art” refers to a type of art that produces artworks using programming techniques. Instead of a paintbrush, artists use lines of code and other programming techniques to create digital paintings, animations, 3D sculptures or physical installations using external hardware.


The students will have the opportunity to learn about the different qualities of wood and which materials are suitable for which construction projects. They will use different tools and techniques such as sawing, drilling, filing and gluing and will build small wooden toys and furniture with them.

Creative filmmakers

The students will produce great interviews, films, music videos and news! The teacher will be there to support them. She is a film expert and works for various schools and cultural institutions in the field of film and art. The completed films will be submitted to international competitions.


Students learn the basic techniques of sewing. From pattern making, cutting, pinning and sewing and also learn to knit scarves, hats and socks. Later they can also work on their own small projects.

Open Art & Crafts Club

Pupils can choose between different projects, such as seasonal and other thematic projects (e.g. making lanterns, Christmas cards or kites) or learn new skills (such as knitting, printing or collages). The projects vary in difficulty and age.

Print Maker

In this creative club we will copy our favourite drawings or most beautiful lettering artistically and by hand. We will experiment with different printing techniques (such as linocut or woodcut), inspired by the ancient Chinese who already used these techniques 2000 years ago. We will print our artworks in different colours on different materials and collect them in a self-made book with wooden binding. Of course, going to the laser printer is strictly forbidden!

Fun with beads

The pupils learn what fun it can be to experiment with colourful beads and create something with them. They have a wide range of different, beautiful and colourful beads to create different shapes, figures and animals.


Students will learn how to design software and programme simple computer games. They will learn simple programming commands and can get creative by developing their own characters, environments, game rules and game structure.

T-Shirt Print

Creative individuals deserve creative clothing to reflect their sparkling personalities! In this creative fashion club, we start by customising our clothes. You will learn to use professional printing methods to give your clothes your own design! You can pre-draw your themes, digitally convert them and produce your unique results.

World Masks

A mask is an object that is usually worn on the face, typically for protection, camouflage, display or entertainment. Masks have been used since ancient times for ceremonies and for practical reasons. In this club we will make our own masks, inspired by models of traditional masks from around the world. At the end we can use them to tell stories or perform physical theatre.

Games, Balance & Social Clubs

Adventure playground

The adventure playground “City of Children” is a hidden treasure not far from the Berlin Cosmopolitan School. After a long day at school, this place is ideal for our energetic children. They love to create their own worlds in the middle of the park. They can also take part in numerous activities such as: Climbing on huts and roofs, hiding in tree houses, looking after guinea pigs and rabbits, using board games indoors in bad weather, working with wood, feeding animals, working with clay, playing hide and seek, exploring the indoor spaces and doing arts and crafts.

And much more…