About Berlin Cosmopolitan School, Kindergarten & Preschool

Berlin Cosmopolitan School strives for innovation, challenging the traditional education system. We take an approach that fosters a love of nature, environmental protection, sports, culture, dance, music and art, as well as core subjects.

Our goal is to include all students according to their abilities. Berlin Cosmopolitan School succeeds in doing so: The students regularly graduate with the best average Abitur grades in Berlin and are also well-versed in the core topics of the future, nature and digitalisation.

Important concerns of Berlin Cosmopolitan School, Kindergarten and Preschool are social justice, equal opportunities in education and a balanced student community. All children and young people are welcome at Berlin Cosmopolitan School, regardless of their social background. The school regularly awards scholarships to students and welcomes refugees into Berlin Cosmopolitan School community.

BCS is diversity

At BCS, diversity is a natural thing. We want to promote and celebrate diversity. It has many faces, it is many faces. Too many to always list them individually and conclusively in our German official texts. That is why we have decided, for example, not to strive for a linguistic or semiotic representation of all genders, which can only fail, but to signal with the use of the German double forms for students, teachers, etc. that we are sensitive to the open plural of genders, which we basically address all the time. When possible, we find a neutral form. If naming a gender is relevant to the message we are conveying, we will do so in a clear way.