Music, Dance & Theatre

From Start to Stage

Based on our motto “From Start to Stage”, we have developed our curriculum for practical music making as well as for a wide range of dance forms from kindergarten to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP). Our goal is to promote the personal development of all students according to their abilities through collaborative music-making and dancing – including stage presentations.

During regular lessons, our students learn the basics of at least two instruments (all string instruments, recorder, piano, ukulele, percussion from kindergarten to grade 5); in dance, it is children’s dance in kindergarten and rhythm and movement in grade 1 and 2. On this basis, the pupils have the opportunity to specialise according to their inclinations and talents.

In the music classes up to grade 10, there are also guitar, piano, band, a capella choir, classically oriented ensemble and music labs, which teach percussion and improvisation in connection with the creative use of digital technology. Our afternoon clubs open up further opportunities for development with choirs and bands. To promote instrumental skills, we offer the so-called “Cosmovatorium” with instrumental and singing lessons.

New students without instrumental skills are integrated into the classes in such a way that they also learn the basics of at least one instrument and participate in the student concerts.

The forge for music performance courses or music as an artistic subject in the IB DP is the classically oriented “Mixed Ensemble” from Grade 9 onwards. A special focus of the music lessons is the learning of string instruments (already from kindergarten).

Dance and more

After Grade 2, there is a wide range of afternoon dance clubs: Ballet, Tap Dance, Musical & Show, Ball Room, Latin and Street Dance. Talented dancers can choose the so-called “Förderballett” from Grade 8 onwards, which serves as preparation for dance as an artistic subject in the IB DP.

For a first stage experience of our music and dance ensembles and soloists, there are bimonthly casual concerts. A forum for advanced students are the Open Community Concerts twice a year, where students and teachers share the stage. The curtain also rises during our Summer Show and Talent Show.

In the area of music, there are three other important events during the year: Firstly, the visit of one of our music-oriented partner schools from Denmark, Canada and Australia, who rehearse and perform together with our students. Secondly, a chamber music workshop with professional musicians, who then present their results together with the students. The Winners Meet the Cosmos series is another event where talents from our school share the stage with prize winners of the Jugend Musiziert competition.

In the dance department, there are also one or two presentations from the classes and clubs each year.

Otherwise, the usual school concerts (incl. dance) are on the programme at Christmas time and at the end of the school year.

Music, Dance & Theatre