The bilingual Abitur in Berlin

The Bilingual Abitur is a qualification awarded by the state of Berlin that enables students to study at German universities as well as at any foreign university.

The two years of the Abitur consist of a qualification phase, grades 11 and 12, and the final examinations at the end of grade 12. The final gymnasium grade is made up of the general performance in the qualification phase (grades 11 and 12) and the grades achieved in the Abitur examination.

Students in the gymnasiale Oberstufe choose their courses from three subject areas: languages, social science subjects such as history, geography, philosophy and economics, and mathematics and natural science subjects such as mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry.

The final examinations of the German Abitur at the end of grade 12 consist of three written and one oral examination as well as the so-called fifth examination component. The fifth examination component is a “special learning achievement” in the form of a presentation on a specialist topic.

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