Great planting action at Nature Campus Müggelsee for the preservation of the environment and to promote the community

29th April, 2023

Last Saturday, a fantastic planting action occurred at Nature Campus, where six big trees were planted. The weather was a dream, and a total of 150 people were on site to share these beautiful moments.

Our new parent initiative Friends of Cosmo introduced itself; we sang together, explored the forest and hugged trees. The planting event was a great success, and seeing so many people involved in preserving the environment and fostering community was great. 

Together with everyone present, the initiative aims to create a retreat and recreational space for all BCS families and friends – international, nature-friendly and sustainable.

Through the planted regional fruit trees, we offer our students and all interested parties an insight into the regional biodiversity of fruit varieties and contribute to their preservation. 

Together, we are actively working for the environment and our children’s future. The Friends of Cosmo and the BCS would like to thank all participants for this successful day, and we are very much looking forward to further cooperation.