Kindergarten & Preschool

With our Kindergarten and Preschool we want to create an international space where all children, parents and teachers work together to create a unique atmosphere and learning culture. We encourage the children’s curiosity and eagerness to see and experience things from a holistic perspective.

Due to our international orientation, it is especially important to us to support and integrate the children based on their cultural backgrounds in our international community. Our motto is: learning for life. This stands for the holistic promotion of a child’s many talents, for strengthening resilience and for lifelong curiosity.  In addition, we teach humanistic values in depth and promote the connection between the children and nature.

German and English are naturally integrated into the children’s daily routine from the first to the last day in our kindergarten and preschool by bilingual first language teachers. The basis for this is the realisation of the concept of “early immersion”. For more than 40 years, this method has proven itself in many countries around the world, but in Germany it is still considered relatively new. Research shows that the best results on the way to bilingualism and in general school performance can be achieved with an early start with immersive teaching.

The children do not learn vocabulary lists, but are “immersed” in the second language.

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Group Structure

At the Berlin Cosmopolitan School Kindergarten and Preschool, approximately 320 children from different backgrounds play, romp and learn together. The children spend their day in one of our 18 groups. In each Kindergarten and Preschool group there are children who were born in the same year. Each year group consists of three to four groups and each group consists of 13-22 children and two to three teachers, depending on the age of the children. At least one teacher per group speaks German and English.



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Early Years Campus Invalidenstraße: Kindergarten and Preschool Berlin-Mitte

You will find our beautiful kindergarten and preschool at Invalidenstraße 130 in 10115 Berlin. Here we find space on five floors and in the garden. We often visit the adjacent park and plant early flowers for the insect world, for example, for the springtime.

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Transdisciplinary Learning of Generation Z and Alpha

At this stage, we see a generational gap in advanced contemporary teaching styles and the overall quality of teacher-learner relationships. In kindergarten, we are currently working with Generation Z and Generation Alpha children, who in most cases have superior digital skills compared to their future teachers from an earlier generation. We see great potential in how we can support relationships with students and create authentic learning experiences that impart important knowledge on the one hand and values on the other. We teach concepts in kindergarten. Competencies and skills.

Contemporary teaching styles also require contemporary pedagogical leadership, where teachers and educators are actively seen as contributors. As our teachers and educators are constantly reflecting on their practice and sharing their knowledge in professional learning communities in different educational settings, they also need to be exposed to the changing values of the next generation and have a deeper understanding of how best to deal with changing values. As we aim to strengthen our approach to transdisciplinary learning with social and emotional competences as a core component, it is crucial that teachers and educators are able to reflect on how values for the next generation can be addressed and supported in their current teaching styles. EBS Europäische Bildungsstiftung gGmbH is a lifelong learning institution that is addressing this challenge with passion, motivation, creativity and commitment with European partners with whom we are collaborating on this current challenge.

Our Erasmus+ engagement in 2019

32 teachers and educators were trained as multipliers of an authentic relationship-based teaching style in Zagreb, Croatia.

16 teachers and educators were trained in Zagreb, Croatia as multipliers for parents and other educators of an authentic relationship-based teaching style.

28 teachers and educators are trained in the latest learning methods of social responsibility and sustainability to gain a deep understanding of transdisciplinary teaching and learning for the future global community.

10 members of the EBS Europäische Bildungsstiftung gGmbH leadership team were trained in Zagreb, Croatia, to further develop modern leadership ethics. Furthermore, this was continued in Berlin and a BCS Diamond was developed. In 2022, these members of the leadership team will be trained in “Making Thinking Visible” in Ibiza.

Exchange visits with teachers and educators in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Helsinki, Finland and Madrid, Spain, Tenerife and England are being and have been coordinated to enable a change of perspective and to reflect on the outcomes of modern teaching styles for generations Z and Alpha.

Our overall aim is to engage in a change of perspective with European school leaders and teacher educators in order to address the challenges that exist in our respective institutions today. Ebs Europäische Bildungsstiftung gGmbH, an evolving and learning institution, will further develop its understanding of the required competences that are rightly expected of our children and pupils in our care.

Together with all stakeholders of our school and all EU partners (management, teachers, parents and administration) we would like to define the educational institution EBS Europäische Bildungsstiftung gGmbH as a learning organisation, equipped for 21st century education and fostering a quality relationship with teachers and pupils. To achieve this, we want to ensure a higher quality of teaching for our Generation Z and Alpha students. The complexity of this process allows for a solution-oriented, appreciative and creative way of staff development that is enjoyable and promotes lifelong learning for all learners, adults and students.

Kindergarten & Preschool