Today is the International Forest Day and Poetry Day

21st March, 2023

Teaching in the forest is a very inspiring experience that awakens the senses and promotes creativity. In this context, poetry also plays an important role. We encourage creativity with poetry in our school forest in Prenden and at Müggelsee. Our students are regularly tasked to write traditional Japanese haiku during their time in the forest.

Our students can connect with nature’s beauty and complexity by observing and exploring nature. For example, they can be inspired by the sound of a stream or the singing of a bird. Through haiku, they learn to express feelings, thoughts and perceptions creatively and poetically while immortalising their experiences.

Through poetry in the forest, the students carry their experiences and impressions out into the world and show the reader their view of nature.

A selection of haiku poems by class 6 a:

Leaves falling down to

The ground hoping they land on

The top of my head 



We had a long hike

It was cold and exhausting

We had lots of fun



The lake is shiny

The grass turns o white and green

The animals sleep



Forests make me calm

A gust of wind on my face

Makes me feel awake



I plucked a birch tree

I sipped on a bit of tea

Every Thursday



Every week we

Have fun and play together

We love the forest



Prenden on Thursday

In nature my soul is cleared

Cold or warm is fun



It is beautiful

I love walking in the woods

But it’s pretty cold




What I have done today was

Great and beautiful

-Charlotte Y. 


 I like the forest

The lakes are calm and pretty

I like the blowing wind



I was in nature

I built a house with my friends

I heard leaves swaying

-No name