The IB Diploma

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at Berlin Cosmopolitan School prepares our students for an interconnected, globalised world by fostering open-mindedness, critical and creative thinking, communication, research, social and self-management skills. It is designed as an academically challenging and balanced educational programme that prepares students for a successful life and post-high school education.

The programme is taught over two years and has received recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities. Students take six courses: three at the advanced level and three at the basic level, providing a broad education in languages, social studies, experimental sciences, arts and mathematics. In addition, the programme has three core requirements (the Extended Essay, the Theory of Knowledge and the Creativity, Action and Service programme) that have been included to broaden the educational experience and challenge students to apply their knowledge and understanding.

The IB’s pedagogical approach to teaching is research-based, focuses on conceptual understanding, has been developed in local and global contexts, focuses on effective teamwork and collaboration,

differentiates to meet the needs of all learners, and is grounded in assessment. To promote openness to the world, the IB learning profile characteristics are promoted throughout the programme.

At the end of the programme, students take written examinations that are assessed by external IB examiners and recognised by universities around the world.