Solve Mysteries and Boost Skills at Our Murder Mystery Camp!

3rd October, 2023

We are excited to introduce a thrilling and educational experience for students age 12-16 – our Murder Mystery Camp!

Program Highlights:

– Students will immerse themselves in a real eco-crime mystery, a blend of the game “Werewolf” and the excitement of an escape room.

– They’ll work together to unravel the mystery and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

– At the end of the camp, participants will receive a certificate of participation, a valuable addition to their future applications.

Join us for a week of mystery and skill-building! 

This camp is not only an exciting adventure but also an opportunity for students to enhance their critical thinking and teamwork abilities. It’s an experience they can showcase in their future endeavors.

Please book your space here until October 8th.

We look forward to seeing our students at our Murder Mystery Camp, where mysteries are solved and skills are honed!