Families enjoy time together during Nature Walk at Müggelsee

3rd May, 2023

Last weekend, we went for a nature walk with families and their children aged 0-12 to spend time together in nature. This time the focus was on topics like digitalization and interactions with nature.

The children could create their own films in nature as part of a stop-motion workshop. In addition, we also looked at the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on the education and upbringing of children. In a joint discussion, we exchanged ideas about how AI influences our understanding of nature and the environment.

There was also culinary fun: together, we prepared a delicious Greek menu and made an Immune Vitalizing Apple Orange Ginger Juice.

The Nature Walk promoted community building and exchange between different age groups and strengthened our connection to nature. Shared activities such as hugging trees or writing a nature poem with the help of AI have shown the children the importance of protecting and preserving nature.

Children learn to better understand themselves and their environment by spending time together in nature. They develop empathy and a positive attitude toward nature, which strengthens their resilience and helps them cope better with challenges and change.

The following poem was written during the Nature Walk:

In the woods I often stray,

Where the trees stand tall and sway,

Their branches rustle in the breeze,

And their leaves rustle with ease.


Beneath my feet, the grasses grow, 

And the sticks and twigs below,

Crunch and crackle with each step,

As I explore and roam unchecked.


The mud squelches underfoot, 

As I trek through this natural nook,

The calmness of the woods surrounds,

And a sense of peace abounds.


The cold air nips at my nose, 

As I continue on my toes,

Feeling connected to the earth,

And all the beauty it gives birth.


As I wander through this place, 

I feel a sense of joy and grace,

With every sight and every sound,

The beauty of nature abounds.