Thema: Extracurricular

Nature Fall Camp School

7th November, 2023

During our exciting weeks at the Nature Campus, we combined the magical world of Harry Potter with the intrigue of a Murder Mystery. Here's a glimpse of the adventures we had: Harry Potter Week: - We mixed enchanting potions and brewed magical elixirs. - Crafted our very own wands, making ...

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Enroll Your Child in an Enchanting Harry Potter Camp!

Vacation Programme
3rd October, 2023

We're thrilled to share some magical news with you! This autumn, we're hosting an enchanting Harry Potter Camp for young wizards and witches. Program Highlights: Children will be sorted into houses, just like in the wizarding world. They'll attend a week-long School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, experiencing the magic of an authentic ...

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Match Opening our Outdoor Basketball Court

Sports & Team Spirit
22nd September, 2023

For the opening of our outdoor basketball court at our BCS Nature Sports Camp at Müggelsee, the already legendary students vs. teachers game took place, this time supported by our alumni. It was about time again that the students should win, and so it happened - against a decimated teacher's ...

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Nature Sports Camp 2023

It’s summertime, and like last summer, we again had great fun at our Nature Sports Camp this year. The students and our coach Mr. Wehrmeyer, had a fantastic time :-) The students went for basketball, SUP, swimming, cage soccer, beach volleyball, tennis, kayaking, and many other activities.   The weather ...

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