Impressive Team Performance at ALBA Oberschulliga Tournament Sets the Stage for the Future

17th January, 2024

Today marked a remarkable day for our young talents at the ALBA Oberschulliga tournament in Pankow, WK III (Born 2009 – 2012). The team demonstrated their prowess with two victories and a narrow defeat, showcasing a level of skill that left an indelible mark on Coach Wehrmeyer.

In his 12 years at this esteemed institution, Coach Wehrmeyer expressed, “One of the best team performances I have seen from a BCS team.” The players, including the new additions, showcased their dedication and hard work, taking a significant leap forward in their development.

What makes this achievement even more exciting is the prospect of these budding talents forming the core of the team that will embark on a journey to Namibia next year. Their collective effort and commitment to excellence not only secured victories today but also laid the foundation for a promising future.

As we celebrate these triumphs, it’s evident that our team is not just focused on the present but is already gearing up for exciting challenges on the global stage. The ALBA Oberschulliga tournament served as a stepping stone for what lies ahead, and we can’t wait to witness the continued growth and success of these young athletes.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards Namibia and the incredible achievements of our dedicated players. The future is bright for our BCS team!