Merijaan Field Trip at the Haus der Materialisierung

18th January, 2024

In a collaborative effort to enhance our students’ understanding of sustainability and environmental responsibility, 3A embarked on a remarkable journey leading up to and during the Merijaan Field Trip at the Haus der Materialisierung.

Preparation began at home, as 3A diligently collected plastic waste over several days. This conscientious effort set the stage for an immersive experience that would shape their perspectives on plastic consumption and recycling.

The dedicated team at Merijaan played a pivotal role in guiding the students through the intricate process of sorting plastics, offering valuable insights into the challenges associated with recycling packaging materials. This initial phase served as an educational foundation, allowing the students to grasp the complexities of sustainable living.

The hands-on segment of the field trip was a highlight, as students engaged with machinery designed to melt plastic. Under the guidance of the Merijaan experts, they learned how to manipulate the melted plastic and channel it into molds. The tangible outcome of this experience was the creation of personalized rulers for every student in the class. This practical application not only reinforced the theoretical knowledge gained in the Consumer Choices unit but also left a lasting impression on the students.

The Merijaan Field Trip proved to be an invaluable extension of our curriculum, offering a real-world context to the principles learned in the classroom. It emphasized the importance of responsible consumer choices and showcased the transformative power of hands-on learning experiences.

As we reflect on this unforgettable journey, we are reminded of the significance of instilling environmental awareness in our students. The Merijaan Field Trip not only contributed to our ongoing commitment to sustainability but also inspired our students to become conscientious stewards of the environment.

In the spirit of continued learning and green initiatives, we look forward to more opportunities that foster a sense of responsibility and promote positive change within our community.