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How to become a composer? How to write an opera? How much time does it take? How does an idea develop? German composer Detlev Glanert gave answers to all those questions when he visited the BCS Music class in 11th grade. He brought not only the printed score of his latest opera “Oceane” that was recently premiered at Deutsche Oper Berlin – he also brought some sketches. In this way our students could learn how an initial inspiration takes its final shape.

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Berlin Cosmopolitan School_Schiller Gymnasium_Konzert_Rockbands

Bands from BCS and the Schiller-Gymnasium in Berlin rocked the house last Thursday for one hour after lunch. All Secondary students were invited to the great rock show in the BCS concert hall featuring the bands “Confusion” and “Sep10ber” from the Berlin Cosmopolitan School and “The Chillerz” from the Schiller Gymnasium.

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We would like to invite every member of the BCS community to an evening of tunes and dances from many corners of the world, today at 5 pm in the BCS Concert Hall! “One World Many Voices” features musicians and students of extraordinary talent from the wider BCS community. Donations on that evening will support “Mit-Mach-Musik”, an organization that helps refugee children to integrate through music.

Snacks and water will be provided on donation.