Events & Friends of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School e. V. (Förderverein)

Berlin Cosmopolitan School regularly organises events where the students can show what they have learned in class and during individual clubs.



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The nicest thing to have and be is a friend.
So join us and help us to build a strong community.

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Our common goal is to help provide the best possible education for our children in a warm, caring, cosmopolitan, and inspiring environment in which our children can learn and grow. Your help is sincerely aprreciated and you can contribute in various ways through: donating your time, your ideas, or simply by providing financial support. All support is welcome.

Our mission is to foster the relationship between parents, staff, students and the local community, to support the school’s work and extra curricular activities, practically and financially.

We are an independent, state registered volunteer association founded in 2015 in line with our charter and the school’s mission. We would like you to join us.

Friends of Berlin Cosmopolitan School e.V. (Förderverein)
Friends Of Cosmo (Community Club for all interested BCS Families)