Exploring the World of Learning at the Nature Campus

7th November, 2023

­čî┐ Exploring the World of Learning at the Nature Campus­čî┐

We are excited to share a glimpse of the learning experiences taking place at our Nature Campus. The natural world provides an inspiring backdrop for discovery, and our students have been immersed in a wide range of enriching activities.

­čî▒ Nature as a Classroom: Our students have the unique opportunity to learn amidst the beauty of nature. From forest walks to silent contemplation by the lake, our outdoor classroom sparks curiosity and promotes mindfulness.

­čôÜ Literary Adventures: Reading is a cornerstone of our curriculum. We have been delving into a diverse range of books, from German classics to contemporary favorites. Our children’s presentations of their beloved books have been both inspiring and heartwarming.

­čžę Reading Development: We are focusing on early reading skills, using resources like the Scarborough Reading Rope to nurture the love of reading in our students. From phonological awareness to vocabulary expansion, we are on a learning journey together.

­čîŹ Global Understanding: Our students explored cultural celebrations such as Diwali, gaining insights into the traditions and values of diverse communities. It’s all part of our commitment to a holistic education.

­čôť Literacy Lessons: We have also introduced Einsterns Schwester, a literary companion that’s guiding our students through the exciting world of language and storytelling.

­čĄŁ Collaboration and Community: Our Nature Campus isn’t just about learning; it’s also a close-knit community. We’re encouraging book sharing and providing opportunities for students to exchange ideas and interests.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey of discovery in the great outdoors. Our Nature Campus is a place where education and nature come together to foster a love of learning.

Join us in one of the next sessions or open houses at the Nature Campus to experience the magic of learning in the heart of nature! ­čî│­čôÜ­čî×