Community ties and warmth: Preschool children visit Hotel 54 to donate toys

6th December, 2023

In a thought-provoking move to promote empathy and spread peace and kindness in our neighbourhood, our preschool groups visited Hotel 54 today. As part of our comprehensive curriculum, we are passionate about not only learning in the classroom, but also being an active part of the community. Today, the generous donation of gently used toys took centre stage.

A warm welcome at Hotel 54:
The beaming faces of the children were reflected in the warm welcome we received at Hotel 54. The staff welcomed us with open arms and showed an extraordinary hospitality that touched us deeply. This warm welcome emphasises the importance of having friends and acquaintances not only in the school, but also in the extended neighbourhood.

Donation of gently used toys:
The preschoolers enthusiastically brought their lovingly selected gently used toys to drop off as gifts at Hotel 54. This campaign not only promotes awareness of sustainability, but also the idea of shared responsibility for our social environment. The children’s joy and curiosity in sharing their toys with others helps to create an atmosphere of giving and sharing.

The importance of neighbourhood relationships:
We emphasise the importance of friendships and relationships in the neighbourhood. Through such activities, we aim not only to provide educational content, but also to make a positive contribution to the community. Hotel 54’s kind invitation enabled our children to take their first steps towards a deeper understanding of their neighbourhood.

A heartfelt thank you goes to Hotel 54 for the warm welcome and the opportunity to support our pre-school children in their generous gesture. Such experiences not only strengthen the bonds in our neighbourhood, but also shape the hearts of the younger generation with values such as compassion, generosity and community spirit. We look forward to continuing to spread peace and kindness together.

Join our journey as we work together to create positive change in our community and plant the seeds of empathy and peace in the hearts of our children.