How the Mice Became Friends

20th December, 2022

The Islam in Germany Foundation was our guest at the Berlin Cosmopolitan School Kindergarten & Preschool with the puppet theater play “How the Mice Became Friends.” It is a story in loving, child-friendly rhymes, written about three mice who are so much smarter than their parents. The kindergarten children really enjoyed following along with the play. Thank you very much for this wonderful event!

The story of the puppet play: “In a dry field, Momo, the little mouse, is hungrily searching for food under a burning sun. The field mouse parents are desperate and decide to leave their home and field and move to the outskirts of the city in hopes of a better life. Despite their fear of the free world, they set out. However, the arrival of the Feldmaus family is viewed with great skepticism by the Waldmäusen at the playground. What do these strangers want here? But the two families of mice soon realize that the danger does not come from other mice, but from Lucifer the cat and the pouring rain that fills their mouse hole. Together they survive many an adventure, but eventually manage to escape the cat and the rain. They learn that together you are much stronger than when each fights for himself.”