BCS Kindergarten and Preschool awarded “House of Little Scientists” for the 4th time

14th November, 2022
Our facility has been awarded the “House of Little Scientists” („Haus der kleinen Forscher“) certification for the fourth time in a row. We are proud of our above-average performance (93% – average 73%), which shows us that we have achieved a great deal in the last eight years during our participation in the certification. We were able to anchor and expand STEM education conceptually.
Everyday life at our “House of Little Scientists” is a beautiful journey of discovery we experience with the children. The journey creates essential foundations for the children in their educational biographies and a lot of joy. We notice: mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology are exciting and enormously crucial areas of education that can be experienced naturally. They are present for everyone and easily compatible with our educational mission as a kindergarten and preschool.
Therefore, we look forward to many more beautiful journeys of discovery to different places of learning in our rooms, in nature, in the city, at Müggelsee and in the living environments of children and their families.