‘Techno Biomorphism’ with Rust Programming Language

18th February, 2024

We are very proud of our student artists who have creatively embraced our technical world in their ‘Techno Biomorphism’ project:

Emil and Makki of 10b generated visualisations of “Cellular Automata”, algorithms that create patterns visually similar to real world organisms and organic phenomena. These students coded their artwork themselves, in Rust Programming Language, using Bevy Engine. They assigned their forms colours that can then mix and create more emergent patterns.

Yassien created a wonderful digital 3D sculpture that is a vision of a dystopian world, using the 3D modelling programme Blender. He made the eye to represent a human, and the projected image to represent what the human is thinking. The phone in the wastelands depicts how overconsumption can negatively impact our perceptions and be damaging for us. The wasteland represents war happening throughout the world that is continuously fed to us through social media – something that should be good for informing us yet affects our critical thinking ability.