Down Under 2024 BCS Boys Basketball Team

25th February, 2024

After trips to Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Miami, Napoli, our boys basketball team went to Australia, and has visited our partner school Brentwood Secondary College close to Melbourne. We have visited schools in Sydney and Melbourne where we have played games against different schools.


Day of arrival

All of us were Jetlaged and as soon as we arrived at the hostel we all just went to bed.


Sydney day 1

We were all very tired so we had a relaxing day. We decided to go to Coogee Beach and walk to Bondi Beach from there, 36 degrees.


Sydney day 2

The next day was also sightseeing. We went to the Olympic Park and looked at the grounds. After we went to look at the Sydney Opera  and the Harbor Bridge.


Sydney day 3

The first game of the trip. We went to Shore School, a private school in North Sydney. Students gave us a tour of the school. Afterwards we played against them.


Sydney day 4

At 7am we had a training in the park close to the hostel. Afterwards we went to the Goethe Institute and they told us what the stand for. When we were finished, we went to the Sydney Boys High School and played them in an amazing gym.


Sydney day 5

We had training that day from 10:00-11:30 in a gym we have rented. After the trining we went to the Rocks together and ate a Kangaroo Burger. Then we walked around.


Sydney day 6

We had a game against the German International School Sydney. We had to ride 80 stops with the bus to get there. When we got there, we participated in a class and had our game afterwards which we won in a crowded gym.


Flight to Melbourne

Day 1 Melbourne: we went to a basketball game of Melbourne United, National Basketball League Australia, against the New Zealand Breakers, and visited the Olympic training park as well the Australian Open Tennis facility.

Next three  days: we went to Brentwood College, were we played against them and visited their lessons. It was interesting seeing how their school system functions and getting to learn their culture.

We had planned to join Brentwood College for the next two days for some Aussie Football and Netball lessons, but as there was a huge storm on Wednesday, we couldn’t use the public transportation anymore, unfortunately. But we had exchanged our private social contacts with the Brentwood students before, and we were chatting with them all the time, still doing.

Day 4 Melbourne: We used the day as a training day and had two practices in a nearby park. Afterwards everyone could go to what they are interested in seeing.

Day 5 Melbourne: On Friday we had our last game, against the Melbourne High School. Afterwards, we had a team training in the park, where we also played against local kids.


Day 6 Melbourne: On Saturday it was time to fly back. We went to the Queen Victoria Market, where we had breakfast from many countries, before heading to the airport.

We would like to thank the BCS Management to make these trips possible, the Deutsche Sportjugend for the support, and the local Goethe Institutes. We have agreed to a counter visit of the Brentwood High School students at our school, hopefully this year!