Ski Trip to Czechia

13th January, 2023
Last week, students from grades 7-11 travelled to Czechia for a 5-day ski trip, organised by Herr Fanore. With the warmer weather in this new year, we had early concerns on whether ski slopes would have snow for us – and how to hold a ski trip without snow?! Thankfully, our terrific hosts at ‘U Vodarny Bedichov’ found enough for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, from first timers to advanced, to have plenty of fun and learn new skillsBy Thursday, all our beginners were making runs down the more challenging Blue-level slope at Ski Areal Spicak, or carving more professional turns thanks to our friendly instructors, Karel and VitekThanks to our students, Herr Epp, Ms. Tilander and Mr. Wood, for making this year’s BCS ski trip a great experience!