First Alumni Reunion of BCS on September 8, 2023

8th September, 2023
For many of us, our school years were significant, marked by friendships, challenges and successes. It was the time when we learned who we are and what we want to achieve in life. The Alumni Meeting is an opportunity to relive all those memories. That’s not all. Young alumnis share their ideas, decisions and life views with Cosmo students today. On their basketball, aquatics and tennis team day, Cosmo students get to talk with alumnis and ask what is essential. What was the goal? What were or are the dreams? Cosmo alumnis can discuss this together at the picturesque site of Müggelsee.
At the end follows:
Teachers against students! And some students are now taller than the coach!!! OH!
It’s fascinating to see each individual’s paths since leaving school. Some may have studied abroad, others have started families or moved up in their careers at home and overseas. But they are all connected by this one common experience: their time at the school.
In conclusion, an alumni reunion is a reunion with old friends and a chance to renew ties with one’s past while looking to the future. It’s a sign that the school community has endured and continued to grow over the years. It is a testament to the endurance of friendships and shared memories. It is a moment of celebration, laughter and pause. It is, in short, a special occasion not to be missed.

About the Berlin Cosmopolitan School, Preschool and Kindergarten

The Berlin Cosmopolitan School is changing the traditional way schools and kindergartens work with different approaches to learning in the areas of nature and environmental protection, sports, new work, culture, dance, music and art and much more. The aim of the independent school, preschool and kindergarten is to bring all students along according to their abilities.

“When school motivates, everyone learns more” is the conviction of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School. Regular outdoor learning, sports activities and competitions, digital projects such as robotics, internships from grade 6, music-making from kindergarten age, dance clubs, bilingual education and much more help the children to discover and develop their own preferences and abilities.

Important concerns of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School, Kindergarten and Preschool are social justice, equal opportunities in education and a balanced community. The school regularly awards scholarships to students and accepts refugees. Through its established network and internationally trained staff, the educational institution has the opportunity to explore new educational paths for every age group.

The Berlin Cosmopolitan School was founded in 2003 as a non-profit organisation by Yvonne Wende. In 2004, the first bilingual (English-German) kindergarten and preschool opened for Berlin-Mitte with 18 children. Shortly after, the primary school started and most recently, in 2009, the accredited bilingual Gymnasium of Berlin Cosmopolitan School 01P22. Since then, the number of students has steadily increased. Approximately 1,000 students from all over the world are now being taught on the Rückerstraße and Invalidenstraße campuses. The kindergarten has grown to a number of more than 300 children between the ages of 1 and 6.

In 2013, Berlin Cosmopolitan School was accredited as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, first for primary school and also for the Gymnasium. The IB Learner Profile is about developing children and young people into lifelong learners. The school and kindergarten use primary experiences to design lessons.