Promoting Children’s Rights on Constitution Day

26th May, 2023

On Tuesday, May 23rd, BCS Kindergarten and Preschool partnered with Unicef to promote Children’s Rights on Constitution Day.  Many community stakeholders were present including Ms. Nina Stahr, member of the Bundestag, Dr. Sebastian Sedlmayr, leader for Unicef advocacy and policy, Ms. Ann-Katrin Fahrenkamp, Unicef Berlin manager with her team of volunteers.

Many voices were heard in addition by BCS members of staff including Ms. Yvonne Wende, CEO of Berlin Cosmopolitan School, Ms. Katharina Ehrenfried, CEO of Berlin Cosmopolitan School Nature Campus, Mr. Matt Carlyle, Head of Kindergarten & Preschool, Dr. Mariana Manzo, Kindergarten and Preschool Curriculum Coach, and Parul Rohal, Kindergarten and Preschool Educator.

‘’When you share your ideas, you are helping to create a better world for every child. Some you may know, and others you may not, but you stand for all of them. You are amazing children, full of compassion and knowledge, always striving for a better world. As you continue to grow and learn, never forget this day and the impact you’re making. Your voice is powerful and meaningful. Use it to make a positive change!’’ – Dr. Mariana Manzo

“As an early education teacher, teaching about children´s rights, we aim to empower children to help them to understand their own rights, respect the rights of others, and work towards as a society that protects everyone´s rights. By fostering an environment where children are encouraged to voice their opinions and giving opportunities to take part of the society, even in their youth, encourages children to change by thinking about how they can change the world. We aim to try to make the leaders, giving them confidence and change-makers of not just for tomorrow, but also for today”  – Ms. Parul Rohal

After receiving small group instruction over the last several weeks from Unicef volunteers, children of the BCS Kindergarten & Preschool assembled puzzle pieces to promote their understanding of children’s rights and to encourage everyone to protect the voices and rights of children.  By engaging in this activity, children were empowered to engage community stakeholders in viewing children’s rights as something that should be a part of our constitution.

Together, with our children, we can make a difference!