RESPEKT-monument unveiled

1st December, 2015

Last Wednesday afternoon, our Primary School unveiled the big RESPEKT-monument in the schoolyard. Alongside all Primary students and teachers, the initiator of the whole project Freizeithaus am Mauerpark as well as the councillor of Berlin-Mitte, Ms Sabine Smentek, attended this exceptional event.

After taking a solemn oath to the IB-PYP attitudes, all participants let 300 coloured balloons fly up in the air, marked with the word Respekt. What an exciting moment!

Preceding the event was an attitude election right before summer break during which the Primary students voted for respect being the core value in their everyday school life.

Under the guidance of the DENK MAL WERTE project’s initiator, Freizeithaus am Mauerpark, the actual monument was built within only one day by all the students and teachers of Berlin Cosmopolitan Primary School.