Summer Show 2022

3rd July, 2022

Our Summer Show 2022 was a very special event, which we celebrated for the first time at our new location at Müggelsee.

Just before the year ends with the summer holidays, we celebrate together. The students deserve the spotlight.

From kindergarten age to senior high school, all children and young people can let off steam in the many areas. Of course, this also includes music and dance. In numerous AGs and music lessons, the pupils learned skills for their big performance.

At the annual Summer Show, it’s “Curtain up!”

From the Indonesian gamelan concert by primary school students, hip-hop dance performances, BCS Philharmonic concert, rock bands, ballet and tap dance performances and other performances, it’s all here.

The special thing about our Summer Show is our unmistakable school spirit. We are a large, open-minded community in which everyone can develop his/her individual talent – and this can be seen during the various contributions to the Summer Show.


About the Berlin Cosmopolitan School, Kindergarten & Preschool

The Berlin Cosmopolitan School was founded in 2003 as a non-profit organization by Yvonne Wende because you cannot found a state school in Germany. If this were possible, Yvonne Wende would have done it.

In 2004 the first bilingual (English-German) kindergarten and pre-school for Berlin-Mitte opened with 18 children. Shortly thereafter, the elementary school was added and most recently, in 2009, the recognized bilingual high school (Gymnasium) of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School 01P22. Since then, the number of children and young people has increased steadily. Over 800 students from all over the world are now being taught on the Rückerstrasse (school) and Invalidenstrasse (kindergarten & preschool) campuses. The kindergarten has grown to a number of more than 300 children aged 1 to 6 years. The goal of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School is still that education should reach everyone. Yvonne Wende and her colleagues are committed to this.

The Berlin Cosmopolitan School was approved as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in 2013, initially for primary school and also for upper secondary school. The IB Learner Profile is about the development of children and young people into people who grow up to be lifelong learners. The school and the kindergarten use primary experiences to design the lessons.

Major concerns for the Berlin Cosmopolitan School are the topics of social justice, equal opportunities in education and a balanced student community. All children and young people are welcome at the Berlin Cosmopolitan School, regardless of their social circumstances. The school regularly offers scholarships to students and welcomes refugees into the BCS community. Thanks to the established network and the internationally trained staff of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School, the educational institution has the opportunity to break new ground in education for every age group. BCS is happy to share these experiences with anyone who is interested.

The Berlin Cosmopolitan School uses new and different learning approaches in the areas of nature and environmental protection, sports, new work, culture, dance, music and art in order to take all students with them according to their abilities. When school motivates, everyone learns more. Regular learning units in nature, sports activities and competitions, robotics competitions, internships from the sixth grade, music from kindergarten age, dance clubs, bilingual lessons and many more, help the children to discover their own preferences and skills and to develop them further.

For more information, visit the website of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School, Kindergarten & Preschool: or contact us by phone for a personal conversation – mobile: 0152 – 22 879 571.