The Berlin Cosmopolitan School again receives the MINT seal of approval

30th September, 2023

The Berlin Cosmopolitan School has once again been recognised as a MINT school. Yvonne Wende, Executive Director of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School is delighted about the award: “This recognition confirms our ongoing commitment to promoting innovation and excellence in mathematics, information technology, science and technic – MINT for short.”

Receiving the MINT Seal of Approval from the national initiative “MINT Zukunft schaffen” (Creating a STEM Future) is an honour and shows that BCS’ efforts to create a stimulating and dynamic learning environment are bearing fruits. Students benefit from a curriculum that promotes hands-on learning, critical thinking and the application of knowledge in real-life situations.

Some highlights of the MINT programme:

Innovative laboratories: The modern, well-equipped laboratories offer students the opportunity to practically apply and deepen their theoretical knowledge.

Qualified teachers: A team of international, highly qualified and dedicated teachers inspires students to reach their full potential every day.

Extracurricular activities: BCS broadens students’ horizons with a variety of clubs and competitions in areas such as robotics, programming and science.

“The road to winning the award again was a collaborative project. We thank everyone involved for their commitment and hard work, especially our talented students and dedicated teaching staff,” said Wende.

Together, BCS Primary & Secondary School and Kindergarten & Preschool strive to continuously improve STEM education. Katharina Ehrenfried, CEO Nature Campus and Kindergarten Director: “We are motivated to grow the next generation of scientists, technicians, engineers and mathematicians. This award motivates us to step up our efforts and take MINT education to the next level.”