Nature Fall Camp School

7th November, 2023

During our exciting weeks at the Nature Campus, we combined the magical world of Harry Potter with the intrigue of a Murder Mystery. Here’s a glimpse of the adventures we had:

Harry Potter Week:
– We mixed enchanting potions and brewed magical elixirs.
– Crafted our very own wands, making each one unique.
– Immerse ourselves in the enchanting world of spells, charms, and wizardry.

Murder Mystery Week:
– The older students delved into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to understand and address real-world challenges.
– We embarked on a thrilling journey to solve a complex murder mystery, applying critical thinking and teamwork.
– Wrapped up the week with a fun bowling adventure, creating lasting memories.

These weeks were a magical blend of learning, creativity, and mystery-solving, leaving us with cherished experiences and newfound knowledge.