Yvonne Wende to Share Insights on Fostering Future Entrepreneurs at PAKCon2023

3rd October, 2023

In an effort to nurture the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, Yvonne Wende, Founder and CEO of the bilingual German-English non-profit organization EBS Europäische Bildungsstiftung gGmbH sponsor of Berlin Cosmopolitan School is set to join a distinguished panel at the upcoming PAKCon2023.

The panel, titled “We need to step up our game if we want to enable the founders of tomorrow. How do we do that? Let’s ask the experts!”, will convene some of the most prominent figures in the field of education and entrepreneurship. Hosted by Operating Partner Rainer Berak, this discussion aims to shed light on the pivotal role that schools and universities play in equipping the next generation for success.

Yvonne Wende, recognized as the Berlin Senate’s Entrepreneur of the Year, is renowned for her commitment to education and innovation. She is the visionary behind the Berlin Cosmopolitan School, institutions that have been instrumental in shaping young minds and nurturing budding entrepreneurs.

Joining Yvonne on the panel are Verena Pausder, an angel investor and soon-to-be head of the German Startup Association, who focuses on education as a catalyst for entrepreneurship; Benedict Kurz, the founder of Knowunity, Europe’s fastest-growing EdTech app; and René Mauer, a distinguished professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at ESCP Business School.

The discussions at PAKCon2023 promise to be enlightening and inspiring, as these education-focused entrepreneurs, with their hands-on experience and profound passion, will delve into the ways in which education institutions can better prepare future startup innovators.

“We are excited to have Yvonne Wende join our esteemed panel. Her dedication to education and her role as an Entrepreneur of the Year in Berlin exemplify the commitment required to empower future generations of entrepreneurs,” remarked Rainer Berak, the host of the panel.

The event is scheduled to take place on October 11 in Berlin. Tickets are available now, and those interested in gaining valuable insights into the intersection of education and entrepreneurship are encouraged to secure their spots promptly. You can get your ticket by visiting the official event page.

With luminaries like Yvonne Wende participating, PAKCon2023 promises to be a pivotal moment in the pursuit of fostering future entrepreneurs and paving the way for innovation and success.