Over the course of the week of May 16th 2022, grades 6-10 each travelled for one day to the BCS Forrest School in Prenden for ‘Cartography Days’. Organised by the Social Studies department and aided by Science, Maths and Art teachers, students took part in various cross-curricular mapping, measuring, nature art and plant-identifying activities. As you can see by the pictures, we were pretty lucky with the weather! 

Grade 7 are exploring art in the digital age of XR (extended realities), and as part of their current project with Ms. Clough they have just enjoyed visiting the amazing ‘Genius Immersive Experience – A Creative Journey Through the Eyes of Leonardo Da Vinci Today’. For more information please visit the website of the exhibition.

We are incredibly grateful to Mr. Roth and the team who opened the show especially for our lucky students! All parts of the 360 degree space respond to touch, with synchronised projections even extending beyond our feet. The students enjoyed text exchanges with Mona Lisa, as her eyes really did follow us around the room!

The audience felt as if they were musically transported to the Himalayas. Our Music Department, students and staff alike, surpassed themselves. The same applies to the collaboration with our Arts students who, inspired by the music, simultaneously created wonderful works of art to be auctioned for the benefit of our partner school in Lebrang.

The auction is still ongoing until October 26th. Do not miss this opportunity to support our partner school and bid for one of the paintings below by sending your offer to fanore@cosmopolitanschool.de or kinneary@cosmopolitanschool.de

The concert was preceded by an incredibly successful Waffle sale and book swap, organized by our CAS students of the IB Diploma Programme. Well done!

BCS students and staff proved once again their abundance in imagination.

If you would like to support our partner school in Lebrang and help us reach our goal to fund the annual operating costs of the school of € 9,000, please donate here:

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