Last modified: 28 May 2020

Due to our rolling applications process, we consider applications throughout the school year based on space availability.

We encourage you to apply at your earliest convenience.


Families interested in sending their children to Berlin Cosmopolitan School should complete the online application form. Please, also read and follow the information and instructions in the blue boxes.

Once an application is completed, you will receive an email regarding log in information. Utilizing your personal log in information, parents can stay informed on the status of an application.

Important to note, only for Primary & Secondary school there is a non-refundable application fee, due at the time of the application submission. The fee for each submitted application is 50 EUR. You can start the application process, save and continue later, if you do not have all required documents. You must complete the first page in order to receive your log in credentials. Please review your details to ensure that all is complete and correct, as you will not be able to edit the application after submission.

Berlin Cosmopolitan School is only able to accept completed applications with all required documents.

Primary & Secondary School

Please provide the following:

  • Passport photo (face image only, in a JPEG or JPN format)
  • 2 current academic report cards/progress reports (latest mid-term & latest year-end). Please translate in English or German, in a PDF format. Should the uploads not include the two most current reports per the instructions, the application will not be viewed and the applicant will not be wait-listed.
  • Name the reports (i.e. Term 1, 2018/19) and include an explanation of grading. If work and social behavior evaluation reports have been issued, they must be submitted.
  • Report cards are required for grade 2 – 11 applicants
  • You may also need to upload a proof of sole custody document (translated in English or German in a PDF format), if applicable.
  • Credit card details in order to make the application fee payment

Upcoming Grade 1

Current BCS Preschool Children

We kindly ask you to please apply to our Primary School, as you are not automatically registered and placed on the waiting list. A recommendation or evaluation letter is not required for submission. The application deadline for applicants from our Preschool is July 1st.

New Grade 1 Applicants

A recommendation or evaluation letter in a PDF format, provided by a school director or Kindergarten teacher is required.

First consideration will always be given to students currently enrolled at the BCS Preschool.

Kindergarten & Preschool

  • Photo of applicant (passport size/face image, only in a Jpeg or JPN format)

You may also need to upload a proof of sole custody document (translated in English or German in a PDF format), if applicable.

Children must be at least one year old before starting in our Kindergarten. Please understand, that applications from parents with unborn children cannot be accepted. Kindly submit an online application after the birth of your child.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL OUR OFFICE REGARDING YOUR APPLICATION STATUS, as our office staff cannot assist with the requests. Your personal log in /password ID you received at the time of the application submission, will allow you to check for updates at any time. Your application is valid for one year, thereafter all information will be deleted for data protection.


Priority is generally given to students who have siblings currently attending our school. However for our grade 1, this only applies if the siblings previously attended our BCS Preschool.

As we are at full capacity, students are placed on our waiting list until a place becomes available. Vacancies can occur at any time throughout the year. Please understand, we will only contact you should a place become available. Your child will stay on the waiting list until further notice. Therefore, we ask for your patience in respect for our admissions process.

Our admissions process does not utilize a numbering system and therefore, no child is assigned a specific number on the waiting list. A first come, first serve process for application submission is not supported. We will always look for the best fit for an applicant.

Meeting & Trial day – In the event that a place may become available, Primary & Secondary applicants will be invited for a meeting, entrance test and trial day.

Kindergarten & Preschool applicants will be invited for an interview.


After all information is assessed, we will inform you of our decision, as to whether a place can be offered or not. If you child has successfully passed our assessment, but there are no places available, your child will be put at the top of the waiting list and you will be updated on any status changes.

Once a contract has been sent, you will have 7 working days to review & sign the document and return it to us via post or email.

Please note, that for Primary School, BCS requires an afternoon care voucher (Hortbescheid) until 6 pm.  A daycare voucher (Kitagutschein) for the Kindergarten & Preschool, is also required. Contracts with Berlin Cosmopolitan School will only become valid once the voucher has been handed in. Our finance team will be glad to assist you in this matter.


With receipt of a signed contract by BCS, and completion of required documents, your child is successfully enrolled at our school.