First Day at School and Ceremony Berlin Cosmopolitan School 

10th September, 2022

Saturday, 10th September was a big day if you are in First Grade at Berlin Cosmopolitan School. This was the day we welcomed 3 new first grade classes, 2 classes start at Campus Rückerstraße (Mitte) and 1 at our extracurricular learning site Müggelsee and Mitte. It was lovely to see the day celebrated by the whole community – students, parents and staff!

The welcome ceremonies were beautiful and such a lovely way to connect with our new families, there were even a few tears of joy shed.

At Müggelsee we shared our classrooms, the inside and the outside. We read the book “Respect“ on our walk through the forest and learned about respect as a building brick of our community of learners. Together we sang WELCOME in all the different languages of the class and ended with the lyrics of Bob Marley’s song “Three Little Birds”:

At Rückerstraße we rang in the new school year by ringing the BCS bell and shared poems about what it truly means to be a part of the BCS family and community. There was a focus on the new beginnings in a lifelong journey of learning and education our first graders are about to embark upon, and the why it is so important to mark these first steps with family and friends.

We thank everyone in our community for helping us to celebrate these moments in our students’ lives.