Learning for the environment

12th July, 2022

“We want to combine active climate protection and school,” is how Yvonne Wende sums up the Berlin Cosmopolitan School’s commitment.

We believe that pupils can develop in a particularly sustainable and holistic way if they can help shape the tasks of our society – environmental protection and digitalisation – through primary experiences. In the Saturday edition (2 July 2022) of the Berliner Morgenpost, the article “Learning for the environment” was published and describes our commitment to the topic of environmental protection.

Please click here to read the article.

Here are the most important facts summarised for you:

  • The Berlin Cosmopolitan School is becoming climate neutral. Together with the start-up Planetly, which specialises in analysing and reducing the CO2-emissions of companies, and our students, we are analysing our CO2-footprint in order to neutralise it sustainably.
  • Our students learn about the forest ecosystem in our forest school. We believe that primary experiences in nature are important to learn about and protect the forest and nature. That is why we have implemented weekly lessons for our sixth grades firmly in the timetable a few years ago. The forest becomes a full-day classroom and teacher for them every week. Chris Carter is the teacher responsible for this programme and has even written a book about this experience called “Forest Days”, which is dedicated to all those interested and it is available at Cosmication publishing. See here.
  • Our students have organised themselves in the school-club “Cosmo for Future” to promote environmental protection at the Berlin Cosmopolitan School. Their ideas are regularly implemented into the improvements of our measures. 
  • We motivate our students to come to school by bicycle and have created many new bicycle racks to ensure that bicycles can be safely stored at school.
  • Among other things, we have been using LED lamps instead of neon tubes for 10 years. 
  • And much more…

In the end, the one question that counts for all of us is: How can we protect our planet Earth together and keep it a place worth living in? As Berlin Cosmopolitan School and in our role model function, we lead the way and provide our students with the knowledge and skills to actively protect the environment.