“I’d love to come back again!” – so violin virtuoso Franziska Hölscher, after her visit to Berlin Cosmopolitan School.

On February 14 the BCS string players had a rare treat. Between her concert tours around the world Franziska Hölscher made a stopover at BCS and presented what fingers and bow can achieve on the violin. The organization “Rhapsody in School” had made this visit possible.

Not only did Ms Hölscher play for our students, but she also played along with them when our 2nd graders pulled out their tiny fiddles to present their repertoire. And as our students were curious to know what made her devote her life to the violin, she told the story of her life. To be close-up with a famous musician – what a precious experience. And a special two hours, even for Ms Hölscher who enjoyed our students’ curiosity and musicianship.

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