On June 8 the Theater premiere of the play “Geh nicht vom rechten Wege ab!” took place in the auditorium of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School. The students of the Darstellendes Spiel/Performing Arts Club presented a modern fairy-tale collage based on text templates of the Brothers Grimm. German teacher and club leader, Lea Heiligtag developed the collage together with the club students. The Drama piece deals with the timeliness of the fairy tale contents and confronts the audience with what often leads to a bad ending in reality. A remarkable and intense play, which received a big applause and inspired the audience to reflect.

We look forward to seeing even more theatrical premieres in the upcoming school year. Then “Darstellendes Spiel (Drama)” is also offered as a school subject in BCS’ Secondary School. Congratulations to the convincing performers and Ms. Heiligtag!

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