I came to Germany in 2017 as a seventeen years old teenager and lived alone, after leaving my family and country, Afghanistan. At that time, my educational future looked to be in a not-so-good place. Despite having my school documents from Afghanistan, I wasn’t able to attend normal classes and was told to repeat two years before joining secondary school. That’s when I heard about Berlin Cosmopolitan School offering IB Course, which was taught in English. I thought I might not have any chance of getting admission. I had a wrong perception of BCS being a private school only for rich people. But after visiting the school and talking to the admissions director, my hopes for a better education rose. Despite not having a proper residency permit and not being able to pay any tuition fee, the school offered me a two years scholarship. 

For me, it meant a lot. BCS not just offered me a great secondary education but also gave to the chance to make friends, learn self-worth and become the person I am today. 

I have been supported by teachers and administrations staffs throughout the IB course, both with issues regarding my education and other issues such as residency. I am currently studying Computer Science through a dual study program and working at Bayer AG, which I got to know through an internship program offered by the school. 

BCS has a unique educational environment. With their scholarship program, the school has helped many students to get high-end education. BCS lives diversity in its true meaning. Not only there are students from many different countries, but they all also come from different financial backgrounds.

Hamid Omar

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