Last modified: 29 June 2018

From the first experience of Primary School until final graduation, our art students at Berlin Cosmopolitan School are guided through a cohesive, forward-thinking art programme that prepares them for success in the Abitur and the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Visual Arts. Integral to this is that students develop inquiring and compassionate life-skills.

In line with the IBO philosophy, we especially nurture critical and original thinking as well as the appreciation and understanding of different cultures. Our teaching strategies naturally integrate these with the focus on rigorous contextual studies and the applied, specific skills that constitute the Berliner Rahmenlehrplan.

The Secondary School Art students and their teachers enjoy using the new  Secondary Art Space, which showcases artwork in two large street-view windows and has a gallery space beside the teaching area. We are privileged to enjoy a highly talented and creative community, enhanced by a diversity of cultural influences. Our young artists produce excellent and competitive results.

Our art programme is supplemented by a good selection of art clubs, which provide a great chance for students to cultivate a wide range of skills, including digital media and animation as well as allowing them to cut their teeth internationally by entering art and design competitions.