Last modified: 1 February 2022

What role do sports have at Berlin Cosmopolitan School?

Our school provides a balance of academic and non-academic abilities that allow our students’ skills to develop. We feel that our extensive athletic programs offer students a multitude of choices for how to achieve that balance. The aim is to enhance all facets of the student and prepare them in the best possible way for life after Berlin Cosmopolitan School.

Is it important for children to be involved in sports?

As the Athletic Director I want to see our students as active as possible. Sport isn’t everyone’s passion, but our main goal is to teach the importance of leading a healthy, active life. Our philosophy is based around creating as many sporting opportunities for the students as we can. If all children discover a passion in one or two of these sports and continue to practice them into adulthood, we have achieved our goal. Research shows that there are many development benefits that sports and exercise provide, including improved cognitive functioning and an increase in energy and self-esteem. Our children benefit from the structure and lessons that are imbedded within a high-quality sports program at Berlin Cosmopolitan School, learning about teamwork, goal setting, developing friendships and committing to a collective purpose. Our approach is not only about “faster, higher, further”, it is about striving, discipline and work ethic.

What does BCS do to get the children interested in sports?

We create a positive learning environment for the students. So they feel safe and are able to enjoy a wide range of sporting activities. For us, variety is the key. Some may prefer individual sports or more adventurous activities, some may like the physical challenge or the social aspects of team sports. We believe there is a sport for everyone at our school (considering the curriculum of the Berlin Senate). It is our job to find it and give the students the opportunity to experience it.

What else do you offer your students?

At our school we are offering our students another two hours of sports through our amazing Extracurricular Programme which include more than 20 sports. It is mandatory for our students to choose at least one more sport. Besides these offers and the fact that we have more than 100 children in our five basketball afternoon clubs our school is joining a partnership with the former German Champion Basketball Club ALBA Berlin. Our boys and girls school teams have won the ALBA-High School Leagues in 2016. Furthermore we have arranged partnerships with the soccer club Viktoria Mitte  and our own sports club Central Hoops Berlin Cosmopolitan e. V.