Last modified: 29 June 2018

The Secondary Mathematics Curriculum at Berlin Cosmopolitan School is firmly rooted in the Berliner Rahmenplan but geared toward a truly international education, culminating in graduation with the bilingual Abitur or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Real structure, differentiation, variety and vigour have been incorporated into the programme, as well as practical problem-solving. Cross-curricular parallels between subjects are regularly drawn to facilitate a more rounded, mathematical education suited to the individual needs of the learner. We are also passionate about problem solving in a competition setting and are pleased to have had successes in the Mathematik Olympiade and Kangaroo Maths. Our weekly Maths Plus club is another way in which students can explore different aspects of mathematics in a fun setting.

Great variety of math resources

The learning materials used during the mathematics course are varied and rich, incorporating a range of textbooks, worksheets, investigations and online resources such as Myimaths, Bettermarks and Kognity. We have implemented the excellent course textbooks Oxford International Maths for Cambridge Secondary from Oxford University Press with Grades 6 to 8. Grade 9 make use of OUP’s International Mathematics for IGCSE (Extended) and Grade 10 use the well-established Cornelsen books written in German and specifically for the educational framework of the Berlin State (Berliner Rahmenplan). In order to prepare for the Abitur and IB Diploma, students work with English and German texts that have been authorized by the IBO and the Senate of Berlin.

The principal language of instruction in the secondary Mathematics course is English but with special consideration for the differences in English and German notation and formulae. In Grade 10, particular emphasis will be focused upon Mathematics in the German language in preparation for the MSA. In Grades 11 and 12, both the Leistungskurs and Grundkurs are offered in German in the Abitur, and the IB Diploma Programme is offered in English at both Standard and Higher Levels.

At BCS we are pleased to empower modern, successful and truly internationally-minded problem-solvers who appreciate and enjoy Mathematics.