Last modified: 22 June 2016

All students from grades 6-10 engage in the Learning Skills and Strategies (LSS) course for one lesson a week. Within this course students develop transdisciplinary learning skills, strategies and attitudes while being provided the opportunity to take a step back and ask questions about learning theory and consider their own personal learning potential and attitudes towards learning.

The LSS course is designed to help students figure out how they learn best and develop the skills needed to succeed in their current subjects as well as those required for the MSA, IB Diploma, and Abitur and further independent life-long learning. While we examine our learning in a self-reflective manner, we also consider the major projects and themes that students are pursuing in other subjects.

LSS runs from grades 6-10 and considers similar topics with learning expectations, assessments and activities catered to individual grades and classes. More specifically the LSS course we will focus on supporting the following core competencies, skills and attitudes:

  • • Independent study and self-management skills
  • • The ability to work collaboratively in groups
  • • Research skills
  • • The writing process
  • • Information literacy skills
  • • Presentation skills
  • • The ability to work independently on portfolios and projects in a number of subjects
  • • Reflective practice—an ability to show initiative, critically evaluate one’s own work and the work of others, reflect on progress and set goals.
  • • Communication skills

In grades 7 and 8 LSS is taught jointly with Information Technology (taught in English) and Economics (taught in German), giving students the option to join one or the other.